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5 Truly Entertaining YouTubers Not To Be Missed

After a long day spent at work or school, we all need a little bit of entertainment to help us unwind. If boredom hits and you find yourself searching the net for something new, rest assured; discovering new content online —and on YouTube— doesn’t have to be a time-intensive process. We’ve found five entertaining YouTubers who produce high-quality content not to be missed.

Five Entertaining YouTubers To Watch

Tabitha Brown – Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown skyrocketed to success over quarantine due to her wholesome videos and soothing voice. She focuses on vegan cooking and offers insight on other subjects about daily life.

What makes Tabitha Brown truly entertaining is her conversational tone that draws viewers in. Tabitha Brown is so engaging that having an interest in vegan cooking isn’t even necessary in order to enjoy her show. Her gentle, welcoming personality alone is entertaining enough to captivate attention, no matter the topic of the videos.

  • Location : Los Angeles, CA
  • Videos : 446
  • Subscribers : 345,000

JunsKitchen – Jun Yoshizuki

Cats and cooking —who doesn’t like that? JunsKitchen produces content that is both engaging and relaxing, perfect to unwind with after a stressful day at work or school.

JunsKitchen puts an emphasis on cats and culinary arts. Cats are the core of all great Internet content, and JunsKitchen combines a peaceful production quality with adorable animals.

  • Location : Japan
  • Videos : 31
  • Subscribers : 4,830,000

Mark Rober – Mark Rober

As a former NASA engineer, YouTuber Mark Rober offers his unique insight and experience to his viewers. His content toes the line between sheer entertainment and enjoyable scientific discoveries. His videos are perfect for all types of audience —families, kids, science-lovers, and even just people who like seeing squirrels try to complete a professional obstacle course.

Mark Rober has an ability to answer crazy scientific questions in an exciting manner. A deeper understanding of science and mathematics isn’t needed to enjoy his videos. He leaves viewers feeling like they’ve gained valuable insight into a new topic.

  • Location : Sunnyvale, California
  • Videos : 90
  • Subscribers : 14,200,000

The Try Guys – Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang

The Try Guys is a YouTube channel made from a group of four friends who try interesting or surprising things every video. Recently they’ve grown in fame, even securing their own TV series, but still remain viewable on YouTube.

What makes The Try Guys interesting is their willingness to try anything and everything. They have created videos such as eating the whole menu at Sonic or experiencing simulated labor contractions, all filmed for audiences to enjoy. They offer a great range in content and have consistently humorous conversations during their videos.

  • Location : Los Angeles, CA
  • Videos : 281
  • Subscribers : 7,330,000

Drew Gooden – Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden is a relatable YouTuber who originally rose to fame from Vine but has since expanded to YouTube in order to focus on commentary content. His videos are fresh and original, with plenty of interesting conversations on current topics.

Drew Gooden has a vibrant personality and delivers attention-grabbing dialogue. His content is not technically unique in terms of the subject, as YouTube commentators are a dime a dozen. However, Drew Gooden shines as one of the more entertaining YouTubers currently producing videos on hot topics. If you’re interested in modern topics, unapologetic humor, and addicting personalities, you will love Drew Gooden’s channel.

  • Location : Orlando, FL
  • Videos : 97
  • Subscribers : 2,570,000


With countless, highly talented YouTubers creating new content every day, don’t just stick to the most popular names and faces in the business. Check out these truly entertaining YouTubers, especially if you’re looking for great, new videos that can brighten up your day.

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