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12 Truly Funny YouTubers Not To Be Missed

Annoyed and throwing off a not-so-fun vibe? Perhaps it would be best if you took a break from your hectic routine. Turn on YouTube and watch these 12 truly funny YouTubers not to be missed. They have been working hard to entertain the audience with humor, funny pranks, gestures, and whatnot.

Everyone deserves appreciation for the hard work. But these YouTubers have won hearts worldwide and are now entertaining millions of followers through their funny content.

Here are 12 truly funny YouTubers not to be missed.

Terroriser — Brian Michael Hanby

The Irish YouTuber named Brian Michael Hanby is a vlogger, comedian, and gamer who has won his way to the top. He plays games, watches other play, and appreciates the members. He has over 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube and now is on his way to winning hearts through his vlogging.

He doesn’t let critics refer to him as a boring vlogger while he pranks and makes everyone laugh. He vlogs and travels, making funny content around the world.

  • Location : Dublin, Ireland
  • Subscribers : 3,630,000
  • Videos : 1,453

VanossGaming — Evan Fong

VanossGaming has become an internet sensation. The channel uses montage style video gaming with other YouTubers with no shortage of hysterical laughing in the background. He has a predictable timid personality, a Canadian accent, and techniques to keep the viewers engaged throughout his videos. His commentary throughout the games he plays is so humorous that even Brian Michael Hanby wants him as his gaming partner.

  • Location : Toronto, Canada
  • Subscribers : 25,200,000
  • Videos : 1,239

PewDiePie — Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

There is no beating PewDiePie. He is and will always be the funniest YouTuber and best game player. Only 30 years old, he is a well-known England based Swedish YouTuber. He merges his funny and impish glee with a pinch of sparkling joy that he gets every time he plays in live streaming. He has achieved an astounding count of 107 million subscribers throughout his tenure of a decade.

The best part about his videos is how he reads mean comments and trolls the haters. He doesn’t take anyone’s hate for granted. Instead, he puts a very absurd attitude towards them, making everyone laugh.

  • Location : Brighton, England
  • Subscribers : 107,000,000
  • Videos : 4,204

ZaidAliT Vlogs — Zaid Ali Tariq

His loving nature for his wife and funny small stories about how parents react in daily life is the reasons for his continuous fame. Zaid Ali T is winning his way to the top whenever he compliments his wife through witty humor, making everyone laugh. He vlogs, travels around the UK and pranks people.

  • Location : Waterloo, Canada
  • Subscribers : 2,730,000
  • Videos : 204

KSI — Olajide William Olatunji

Knowledge, strength, and integrity, KSI, aka Olajide William Olatunji, started minutely with a tiny YouTube hold. But now he has a more than twelve million pound net worth, just because he has such intriguing funny videos.

His content keeps the viewers hooked throughout the video and nothing appears scripted. Everything that he speaks is a mix of humor and banter.

  • Location : London, England
  • Subscribers : 21,900,000
  • Videos : 1,214

David Dobrik — David Dobrik

The king of American social comedy, David Dobrik, is originally from Slovakia. He found early success on Vine and has gained millions of fans in recent years due to his high energy videos. His channel has an unbeatable combination of pranks, inside jokes, cute animals, and real celebrities. David has even been named “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” by The Wall Street Journal. His daily vlogs showcase a lighthearted way of messing around with his friends and documenting every funny detail. His latest Tesla giveaway drove 100,000 new voter registrations. David Dobrik is just plain likable. The real magic behind his success is that watching his videos make you feel like you’re hanging out with your friends.

  • Location : Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Subscribers: 18,400,000
  • Videos : 621

Foil, Arms and Hog — Sean Finegan, Conor McKenna, and Sean Flanagan

The Irish are infamous for having the gift of the gab and this trio from the green isle are hard proof. Sean Finegan, Conor McKenna, and Sean Flanagan used their nicknames and created a YouTube channel with ironic, hilarious, and well thought out skits. All three are brave, insightful, and wickedly intelligent actors/writers. From political topics to mimes, the three charming comedians excel in the painstakingly funny observations of daily life. With over 100 million views, their smart, quick-witted videos often go viral for their modern, relevant topics like Quarantine Maths Class Disaster, An Englishman Plays Risk or How To be Late for Work.

  • Location : Dublin, Ireland
  • Subscribers: 464,000
  • Videos : 331

Superwoman — Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh was catapulted to YouTube fame with her observational videos that tackle everyday life. This led to her getting her own talk show with NBC – A Little Late with Lilly. Raised by Indian traditionalists, Lilly Singh began her channel by making fun of her own upbringing with videos like How My Parents See Things and How I Clean My Room. Her addictive style of comedy includes over the top characters and alter egos, parodying men, parents, and cultural norms, and using her humor to dispel stereotypes. Over the last decade, her videos have amassed more than 15 million subscribers and one billion views. Her bio reads ‘Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make YouTube videos now.’ With a net worth of an estimated 10 million dollars, her jokes have her laughing all the way to the bank. 

  • Location : Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Subscribers: 14,900,000
  • Videos : 800

ZDogg MD — Zubin Damania

Dr. Zubin Damania is a former Stanford hospitalist who was lured to Vegas by the founder of Zappos. By day he is CEO of Turntable Health, and by night he is a medical parodist by the name of ZDogg ‘because one ‘g’ isn’t gangster enough.’ Medical matters are extremely serious in these COVID stricken times which is probably why this channel is so successful. The best medicine is laughter, and Zdogg definitely delivers the cure with videos like ‘Readmission’ a parody of an R Kelly track or ‘Ain’t the way to die’ taking the lead from Eminem. Original, hilarious, ridiculously well-executed videos that are precisely what the doctor ordered.  

  • Location : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Subscribers: 263,000
  • Videos : 992

Bart Baker — Bart Baker

The self-proclaimed king of music video parodies, Bart Baker, makes fun of the most popular songs on YouTube. He then uses YouTube to make his videos insanely popular, in a money generating cycle that has seen his wealth grow to over 4.5 million. What really sets Bart apart from the pack is his ingenious comedic timing and inventive scripting that picks apart the biggest stars. That explosive comedic formula has resulted in over 100 million views on many of his videos, like his  Katy Perry parody of “Dark Horse” with 182 million views or his unique take on Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” with 117 million views.  

  • Location: New York, US
  • Videos: 200
  • Subscribers: 10,000,000

Liza Koshy — Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy’s is another comedian who gained notoriety through her hugely successful Vine channel, one of the most successful females on YouTube. Her career has transcended genres and media: she has starred in movies, has hosted a talk show, been a correspondent for Vogue, and she has even created content for charities with Michelle Obama. Her universal appeal lies in her child-like goofiness and her ability to make fun of herself. Her slapstick style takes you back to 90’s comedy and simpler times. Alexis Gunderson of Paste compared Koshy to Lucille Ball and calls her a “physical comedy wunderkind” and “a tiny magnetic goofball.”

  • Location: Texas, US 
  • Videos: 167
  • Subscribers: 17,800,000

mark normand — Mark Normand

Mark Normand isn’t an actor, producer or model, just a really great comedian. His channel is a combination of stand-up shows, podcasts, and vlogs. His comedy is authentic, smart, and vicious with hard-hitting punchlines. Described by Jerry Seinfeld as ‘the next best up and coming comic.’ Mark crafts jokes about everyday life very, very well. With no downtime between jokes, his quick misdirects, and short joke structure proves that simply mastering comedy alone is enough.

  • Location: New Orleans, US
  • Videos: 64
  • Subscribers: 131, 000

Final Thoughts

The YouTubers mentioned above have hilarious content, pranksters videos, and plenty of trolling so that their viewers can be fully entertained. If you are feeling down and out, these YouTubers can lift you up with plenty of humor.

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