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5 Truly Smart YouTubers Not To Be Missed

When YouTube transformed video by letting anyone host their productions for the world to see it also transformed learning. Educational providers were early adopters of YouTube and they have since been joined by thousands of others. Now YouTubers from around the world are sharing videos to inform, educate and just make you think.

Here are five YouTubers who do just that.

Five Smart YouTubers To Watch

Braincraft — Vanessa Hill

If you are looking for thought-provoking YouTube what better place to start than the psychology behind how you think. Hill covers psychology from the seemingly trivial, like why we have ear-worms, to the more serious like maintaining good mental health. She also posts the occasional (scientific) diversion, such as finding every research study mentioning Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hill’s videos are short, most are under ten minutes, and well put together, using graphics and occasional guests to help us better understand how our brains work.

  • Location: Australia
  • Videos : 221
  • Subscribers: 534,000

Smarter Every Day — Destin Sandlin

Sandlin’s videos seek to explore and explain the world using science. The channel started when his video explaining how he developed a chicken-mounted camera got 1.2 million views. Sandlin recognized the demand for educational videos and Smarter Every Day was born. That bizarre start has led to an eclectic mix of topics that has something for everyone, from how a chameleon’s tongue works to how a rocket is steered.

The channel’s mix of scientific curiosities, how-it-works videos and some intriguing slow-motion help bring the everyday (and the not so everyday) to life.

  • Location: Huntsville, Alabama
  • Videos : 327
  • Subscribers: 8,780,000

Mr. Betts’ Class — Timothy Betts

Mr. Betts’ Class, and its new sister channel, Drawn of History, focus on American history from pre-Columbian right through to the twentieth century. Betts’ videos focus on telling the stories that make history and does so in a relatable and memorable way.

Betts is a teacher, so the channel is aimed at school-age children. However, they have an energy and passion, along with a lot of musical spoofs that anyone can enjoy.

  • Location: United States
  • Videos: 269
  • Subscribers: 105,000

ASAP Science — Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

Moffit and Brown’s mission is to make science make sense. They do this with a series of videos answering diverse questions from how to fall asleep in two minutes to what would happen if all the ice in the world melted.

The mix of enthusiastic presentation, animation and solid science (enlivened by the occasional guest) helps make even complex subjects accessible.

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Videos : 345
  • Subscribers: 9,430,000

Stand-up Maths — Matt Parker

Originally a teacher in Australia and now a comedian in the UK (hence maths, not math) Parker combined his love for the subject with his comic talent to forge a career in math comedy. His channel is more math than comedy but his ability to entertain shines through.

From explaining why old televisions ran at 29.97 frames per second to enlisting the help of an astronaut to look at the math of orbit, Parker explains the math behind the everyday and the extraordinary.

  • Location: Godalming, England
  • Videos : 193
  • Subscribers: 611,000


Whatever you want to learn, there will be something for you on YouTube. A simple search will find videos for every subject and at every level. These five are a starting point. YouTube is arguably the world’s biggest school and it even brings the lessons to you.

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  • James Cousins a writer from London. In a mixed career that had included finance, transport, health and government he has written on a wide range of topics for trade publications and think tanks. He holds a Bachelor’s in Law and a Masters in Business Administration. He has a special interest in education and development and most recently has been researching the impact of change on teachers and teaching.

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