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What Watch Does Joe Rogan Wear?

Joe stares prospectively into the face of the Grand Seiko wrapped around his fingers. “How much is a watch like this worth?”

The famous podcaster, comedian, and MMA commentator, Joe Rogan, can regularly be seen with a watch strapped to his wrist. He has displayed an interest in watches, particularly when he welcomed podcast guest Matt Farah onto the show in 2018. 

After expressing his evident fascination for the luxury mechanical watch industry, fans have taken to questioning what kind of watch Joe typically wears himself.

Wristwatches in Joe Rogan’s Collection

Casio G-Shock 

In April of 2018, during his podcast episode with Matt Farah, Joe compares his wrist to Farah’s as he modestly mentions that he is wearing a Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000. He says, “You see this watch? $300. Casio G-Shock.”

Brian Redban also posted a photo on Instagram on May 8, 2018, in the podcaster’s Los Angeles studio featuring Joe, who is pictured sporting the G-Shock once again.

The G-Shock claims to be a highly durable digital watch, which is seemingly fitting for Joe’s active lifestyle. Joe reveals that the G-Shock he wears has a light as well as displays the date. Additionally, it boasts a step tracker, thermometer, barometer, and even a digital compass.

Casio Pro-Trek

Joe invited Elon Musk to be a guest on his podcast for the first time on September 6, 2018. As their discussion finds its way toward watches, Joe explains that the watch on his wrist is a Casio Pro-Trek. It is later revealed in a G-Central article that it is a Pro-Trek PRG-650YBE-3, another watch that is generally retailed for around $300. Joe claims that he enjoys the Pro-Trek as it is a quality “outdoors” watch that can operate on solar.

An MMA Fighting article from April 16, 2019, also exhibits Joe wearing the Pro-Trek during an interview with Israel Adesanya at UFC 236. 


In the same September 2018 podcast featuring Musk, Joe speaks on having a Rolex that was given to him by a friend. It’s unclear what type of Rolex he is describing. However, in a post-fight interview with Derick Lewis after his victory at UFC 229, Joe is seen sporting a Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller, a mechanical watch manufactured for deep-sea exploration. 

Joe claims to not buy many luxury watches for himself, leading fans to believe that his discussion with Musk about a Rolex may have been about his gifted Sea-Dweller worn at UFC 229. 

Grand Seiko

In his second podcast with Matt Farah, aired in December of 2019, the discussion turns toward Grand Seiko watches when Joe states that he’s wearing a Spring Drive watch specifically made for diving. While he doesn’t necessarily present his wrist to the audience, he may most-likely be wearing the Grand Seiko SBGA029.

What Watch Does Joe Wear Now?

Although he has recently been wearing various brands and styles, the two watches that have been recognized by fans as the most frequently sported by Joe are seemingly his Casio’s – both the G-Shock and the Pro-Trek. 

With guest Ben Shapiro starring in his podcast on July 22, 2020, Joe looks to be wearing his Casio G-Shock – the same watch described to Farah in 2018. In some of his most recent podcast videos – on August 20, 2020, with Nikki Glaser and September 2, 2020, with Miley Cyrus – Joe is wearing what looks like his Casio Pro-Trek, the same watch he describes to Musk in his 2018 podcast.

Contrastingly, to spice things up, in his most recent podcast with Matthew McConaughey uploaded on October 22, 2020, Joe is wearing what looks to be the Grand Seiko.  

Recently seen worn in addition to a watch is what Joe describes as his Whoop Strap, a wristband that monitors fitness and is worn to track workouts, sleep, and recovery. Joe has been wearing the strap on his right wrist in most of his podcasts since the end of 2019.

Following his first wristwatch discussion with Farah, Joe has appeared to venture beyond his comfort zone that is the G-Shock. Yet, it’s clear that his love for Casio has yet to fade.


So, what watch does Joe Rogan wear? Although he may typically cleave to his outdoorsy, durable favorites, the star’s watch wardrobe has several brands and styles. Joe Rogan has welcomed new wristwatches into his collection with his fascination for the mechanical watch; nevertheless, his heart seems to lie with Casio. Regardless, Joe’s appreciation for watches appears as strong as ever and he remains a faithful wearer.

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