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When Does YouTube Send You a Plaque?

For many YouTubers, earning their first Creator Award plaque – aka the Play Button – is a big goal they set for themselves. Everyone dreams of one day having a silver or gold Play Button hanging behind them in their videos.

Creating meaningful content that brings in hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers requires hard work, determination, and patience to stick with it over the long haul. Gaining 100,000 followers doesn’t happen overnight! The plaques are a symbol of your status within the community and all of the work and time you have put into your channel.

So what exactly are the requirements to be sent a YouTube Creator Award plaque of your own?

Milestones to earn a plaque

The Creator Awards Program is YouTube’s way of honoring the channels that have gone above and beyond. Different subscriber milestones will earn you a separate plaque.

The different levels are as follows:

Silver Creator Award – 100,000 subscribers

Gold Creator Award – 1,000,000 subscribers

Diamond Creator Award – 10,000,000 subscribers

Red Diamond Creator Award – 100,000,000 subscribers

So far, the only two creators to earn the Red Diamond plaque are PewDiePie and T-Series.

Additional requirements

In order to be sent a plaque, your Google account must be active. You also can’t have any unresolved guideline or copyright strikes against you.

Other requirements include creating content that is advert-friendly and monetized. You also may not be sent a plaque if your content is too compilation heavy or if you use excessive amounts of other creators’ content; the goal is to create original videos.

Your content can’t be spam or deceptive, and you must follow their terms of service.

YouTube looks at each channel for eligibility to ensure they have followed all of the rules before awarding them with their plaque.

Also noteworthy, you cannot sell your plaque. Doing so comes with consequences from forfeit of the award all the way up to termination of your account.

Ultimately, YouTube holds sole discretion for who they do and do not send plaques to. They have been known to withhold plaques from channels due to the general nature of their content.

Additional plaques for your team.

While YouTube only sends one plaque per channel per milestone, you are able to buy more! This is an excellent option for those that want a plaque for each member of their team.

How do I get my plaque?

If you’ve passed one of the Creator Awards Program milestones, YouTube will review your eligibility. A real person processes reviews, so it may take some time before eligibility is determined.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be notified within the Creator Studio, usually within seven days of passing the milestone. Here, you’ll be given a redemption code to use in the portal, input your channel, and shipping information, and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve sent in the required information, you can expect your award to ship within three weeks.

The history of the Creator Awards

The first YouTube Creator Award was the gold play button introduced in 2012 for channels that had reached the one million subscriber milestone.

The diamond play button was introduced three years later in 2015, with the silver following in 2017.

The gold and silver play buttons were showcased in a shadowbox style frame.

In 2018, the design changed to what we see today. They are a beautifully modern frameless plaque embossed with the recipient’s name.

Whether it is your silver play button or your diamond, each is an incredible accomplishment symbolizing your hard work and dedication to creating fantastic content.


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