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Why Did KSI Change His Name?

Olajide Williams “JJ” Olatunji also known as KSI has had many different names on the internet. He currently has two solo YouTube channels, KSI and JJ Olatunji. We will look into the history of his channels and why he changed his channel name.

Early YouTube

KSI wasn’t always known as KSI or even JJ. In his early days of YouTube he went by the name JideJunior. He began that channel in 2008 and it still boasts about 97,000 subscribers today. KSI only had that channel for about a year before he started his current channel, KSI. Along with his two channels, he is also a part of The Sidemen. This is a group of male friends who posts videos of themselves doing crazy stunts and pulling pranks on one another.

Why Does KSI Have Two Channels

In January of 2011, KSI made his second YouTube channel, KSIOlajidebt, which as of 2020 has been renamed “JJ Olatunji”. The original purpose of this channel was for uploading gaming videos. He did this so that his main channel, KSI, could be focused on vlogging. Though, in recent years, he has used his main channel for more than just vlogging. He now makes music and has been involved in three high-profile boxing matches against other YouTube stars like Logan Paul. KSI also posts a variety of videos on his second channel as well; it is not just gaming videos.

Name Change

Up until very recently, KSI has kept his YouTube channel names the same. He had his original main channel, KSI, along with KSIOlajidebtv2HD, which, for short, he and his fans also referred to as KSIOlajidebt. In May 2020 he changed his second channel name to JJ Olatunji after years of it being KSIOlajidebt. This change confused many of his fans and some created their own stories to explain the change. There are some very far-fetched explanations such as a Reddit user saying that KSI drowned and his (nonexistent) twin brother took over his channel. Other fans have some more believable thoughts regarding the name change. Another Reddit user stated that they believe KSI made the change to prove that no matter what his name is, he will still be able to gain subscribers. According to this user, YouTubers believe that making a name change would directly affect the number of new fans subscribing to their channel.


KSI has had different YouTube channel names. Though, it seems that no matter what he names his channels, he continues to see great success. It is uncertain why he continues to rename his channels, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting him negatively.

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