Why Did KSI Sell His Lamborghini?

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, also known as KSI, is the YouTube sensation with over forty billion views and 20.5 million subscribers. With his net worth being around twenty million dollars, why did he part with his beloved Lamborghini?

The Lamborghini

KSI has seen great success from YouTube and it’s this success that allowed him to purchase his Lamborghini Aventador in the first place. This particular car cost 280,000 euro, which is equal to about 330,000 dollars. On top of the cost, KSI also had this car wrapped, which is a series of vinyl decals placed over the body panels, multiple times by celebrity customizer Yiannimize. He loved this car so much, he even wrote a song called “Lamborghini” about it that has over one hundred million views on YouTube.


It is very interesting that KSI states he is selling his car because he is struggling financially. Taking a look at his YouTube statistics around the time when he posted the video of him selling his car, they are ever-growing and it looks as though he is flourishing. He has an ever growing count of subscribers, views and ad revenue. If anything, after looking at these statistics, one would expect him to be buying more luxury sports cars, not selling his prized possession. That being said, we don’t know what his financial position is.

Video Breakdown

The video in which KSI is explaining and showing himself selling his car is titled, “RIP LAMBO”. He claims that his video of him selling his Lamborghini is “not clickbait” at the very beginning. He then goes on to show a montage of the good times he shared with his car. He then walks into his garage to say goodbye one last time and when he does, he finds the car to be covered in sticky notes. He then finds the culprit, his friend Josh aka Zerkaa on YouTube. The odd thing about this is that Josh posted his video on August 10, 2017 and KSI posted his video of him “finding” his car covered in sticky notes on September 1, 2017. So, if that really is the case and this was his first time discovering that his car had been covered in sticky notes, then that means that KSI did not enter his garage or drive his Lamborghini for twenty-two days. I know he’s not the average person and may have many other cars sitting in his driveway, but not going into your garage for almost a month is definitely not normal.

Car Removal

After an awkward scene of KSI yelling at his friend Josh for defacing his car, we see a man in a construction vest helping to turn the Lamborghini on and charge its battery. We then get to watch some nonsense of KSI working out yelling profanities, which has absolutely no relation to the car whatsoever. The boys and the man take all the sticky notes off and we watch as the car is put into the Olympic Motoring Assistance truck and is driven away.

Present Day

All of this supposed selling happened in 2017 and in present day 2020 when googling, “Does KSI own a Lamborghini” many different links pop up. In one article by the U.S. Sun, it states that KSI owns a Lamborghini Aventador that has a wrap inspired by the Sci-Fi film Tron that was customized by Yiannimize. The car that he sold in 2017 just so happened to have this exact wrap.


After seeing many different articles and videos all with different information regarding the selling of KSI’s Lamborghini Aventador, it is difficult to be sure of anything. He claimed he sold his car back in 2017, but an article written in 2020 is stating that he still owns the very specific car. So, did KSI really sell his car? The world may never know.

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