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Why Did Markiplier Cry?

“Yes… I cry like a baby. Again. I don’t know why but this one hit me even harder than the last one,” Markiplier writes in the description of one of his popular vlogs.

Although it is not necessarily common to witness famous YouTube stars freely displaying emotions in front of the lens – particularly Let’s Play comedians – Markiplier is undoubtedly not ashamed to do so.

Crying Markiplier

A YouTube trend has spread widely since it’s upload, and Markiplier’s tears have seemingly been recognized as an opportunity to become a humorous meme across the internet. The fad has been accepted as “Crying Markiplier”. Various compilations have been produced to demonstrate his emotional responses found in numerous Markiplier vlogs.

Other YouTubers have created and posted comedic “remix” videos of the emotional footage but displayed in reaction to completely unrelated scenarios. The first known remix videos began being uploaded to YouTube in October of 2017, a couple of years after the original video’s upload. A popular example of a two-minute compilation was uploaded on October 12, 2017, by P1nhead, a Youtuber with over 4 thousand subscribers currently. The video has gained over 256,000 views since its upload.

The memes had their moment in 2017; however, in a video uploaded by PewDiePie on February 26, 2018, the fellow star reacts to a Crying Markiplier video. This sparked an increase in its popularity, and the videos gained attention due to PewDiePie’s remark.

While the “Crying Markiplier” trend has made its way through the YouTube community and across the internet, many may still wonder about the original reason behind the video. So, the question remains: Why did Markiplier cry?

Why Did Markiplier Cry?

If a topic encourages emotion in the star, Markiplier is not shy about showing it. He has been extremely open about sharing his feelings on camera; one instance being his “Thank You” video to fans, uploaded in November of 2017. The YouTuber is well-known for his regular, outward expressions of gratitude toward his millions of fans.

Considering the Crying Markiplier trend, the emotional footage of the Let’s Player can be found in a video uploaded to Markiplier’s YouTube channel on June 22, 2015, titled “Markiplier Reacts to 8 Million Fan Reaction Video”. The video depicts Markiplier reacting to a number of his fans, who had previously filmed themselves reacting to one of his past reaction videos – where he was visibly emotional once again. His fans show their love in expression of feelings, causing Markiplier to begin crying. At only one minute in, the tears start rolling.

In the video description, he describes the original recording lasting for nearly an hour, and he chose to cut the video down. Regardless, Markiplier’s emotional response lasts for the entire 18-minute final-cut video, which has received over 13 million views.


So, why did Markiplier cry? In short, he loves his fans, and this is evident in the multiple reaction videos that he has posted on his channel since its launch. Although it’s not necessarily a frequent sight for Let’s Play YouTube viewers – and might even be ridiculed by some – Markiplier’s sentiment is a clear expression of appreciation and gratitude for his followers. At the end of the day, Markiplier wouldn’t be Markiplier without his frequent willingness to cry for his fans.

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