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Why Do YouTubers Move to LA?

Los Angeles (LA) has long been the land of fame and big-screen productions, but lately, more and more YouTubers have made the big move from their various different hometowns to California’s most vibrant city. If you’ve ever wondered why do YouTubers move to LA, the answer is simpler than you might think.

In actuality, there are numerous reasons why YouTubers move to LA. It’s a fantastic city with connections, networks, and resources that help improve content —and of course, the weather is always fantastic!

4 Reasons

Better Networking

While the audience and connections that YouTubers make online through their platform undoubtedly provide the foundation for their growth, but in-person networking is also a great tool to help YouTubers of any audience size expand their reach. Due to the number of creative people working in the entertainment industry in LA, YouTubers can easily partner with other talented people in order to improve their content or get featured on another creator’s account. 

Increased Funding

Running a successful YouTube channel is not just a hobby —for many, it is a business. LA has countless businesses in a variety of industries actively searching for brands and content creators to partner with. The exact nature of the partnership between business and the YouTuber varies, but often, companies will fund exciting new content, offer promotional resources, and more. Funding can also significantly help expand the reach of a YouTuber’s content, elevating their brand image. 

Endless Resources

LA is the center of the production industry, and therefore, has an abundance of useful resources that can help improve the quality of any YouTuber’s content. In order to take content from the everyday level to high-quality creation, production equipment is almost always necessary. Renting cameras or lights for filming is easy to do in LA.

There are also great options for YouTubers who are working on a budget. YouTube itself even provides a YouTube Creator Space in LA for YouTubers, which offers various free equipment and resources to creators. 

Expanded Opportunities

For YouTubers who are looking to branch out into new creative markets and other entertainment platforms, nowhere is better than LA. Many YouTubers are able to land roles or features on various other TV or movie networks.  Expanding into different types of roles or artistic mediums is perfect for many YouTubers, as the exposure can both help grow their YouTube Channel, as well as give talented YouTubers the ability to explore other opportunities for their future. 


With gorgeous weather, sunny skies, and a variety of beneficial resources to help YouTubers create content, it’s no wonder that so many YouTubers move to LA. The ability to connect with many other creative individuals and expand viewership —as well as transition into other entertainment markets as well —is appealing to content creators looking to take their YouTube work seriously.

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  • Taylor Bond is a writer and artist from the United States with a focus on arts, culture, and travel. She graduated from the Georgetown University English Literature Department and was a 2014-2015 Lannan Fellow.

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