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Why Doesn’t Joe Rogan Travel?

If you were worth over $100 million, what would you do?

Well, one man seems to have it all—except a desire to cross the borders of the United States.

You probably know Joe Rogan from his widely popular and controversial podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, which has earned him the title as one of the highest-paid podcasters in recent years. In 2019, he generated an estimated $30 million from the show.

With all that money, you might think comedian Joe Rogan would enjoy a trip to the Caribbean or Europe.

He has the time and money… why doesn’t Joe Rogan travel?

Who is Joe Rogan?

While Joe Rogan is most known for his current comedy podcast, his past also features a variety of experiences. Early in his career, he held the titles of actor, construction worker, and private driver. Then, he worked as a UFC commentator in the 90s and went on to host Fear Factor for five years.

While his colorful resume is certainly impressive—you have to wonder if he ever felt an inkling of wanderlust, especially after his newfound stardom.

Where is Joe Rogan From?

You could say that Joe Rogan’s childhood was less than stable. He moved from New Jersey to San Francisco to Florida to Massachusetts before he even became a teenager. His tumultuous childhood could have created a distaste for travel in his early years.

Joe Rogan Dislikes Flying

Rogan has publicly stated that he dislikes jobs that require “too much traveling”.

He anticipated leaving UFC in 2016 but was convinced to stay under conditional terms that there would be “no more international travel”. During these talks, Rogan spoke about his travel experiences. He claims that the flying messes with his head, and he dislikes the time-consuming nature of international travel as well as the “recovery time.”

Although he dislikes flights, Rogan does not seem afraid to relocate within the confines of the states. In August 2020, he moved from California to Texas.

Joe Rogan Does Travel

While many people speculate that Joe doesn’t travel at all now that his job doesn’t require it, he does take vacations now and then.

In 2018, he spent a week in Thailand with his family. He also enjoys Italy, where he vacationed in 2017 and 2019.

Why Joe Rogan Won’t Go to Brazil

There is at least one place that Rogan is unlikely to ever travel to again—Brazil. While he’s never explicitly stated that he won’t, many fans suspect that he is afraid of catching toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that usually spreads through contaminated food, water, and cat feces. The illness has no definitive symptoms and often goes undiagnosed, although there is speculation that toxoplasmosis causes neurological and behavioral changes (like aggression and schizophrenia).

Rogan often discusses toxoplasmosis early in his podcast, particularly in the early episodes. In episode #965 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan discusses toxoplasmosis at length with neuroendocrinologist Robert Sapolsky. He believes that this parasite is dangerous, and fans claim that he accredits the illness to the wild behavior seen in Brazil—where toxoplasmosis is considered an epidemic.


For everyone wondering why Rogan doesn’t travel—the answer is simple. He finds it time-consuming and generally an unpleasant experience. It’s just not his thing. And for certain countries, like Brazil, Joe may believe that his health (and the health of his family) may be at risk.

Since 2016, Joe Rogan doesn’t travel often for work, but he does enjoy occasional family vacations outside of the United States. Joe Rogan does travel—just not as much as you might think for a superstar podcaster with a $30 million annual income.

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