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Why is Markiplier So Popular?

Steve Jobs changed the way the entire world uses technology, Michael Jackson is the king of pop, and the Kardashians are… well… great entertainment. The source of popularity and wealth is evident to mainstream celebrities and billionaires however, how does a YouTuber like Markiplier become so popular?

The algorithm of YouTube is an ever-changing puzzle that doesn’t ensure anyone a one-way ticket to fame. Knowing this, we delve into how the YouTuber reached his current level of success.


Before YouTube, Mark was a shy high school kid that wasn’t known for much. When he started uploading videos in 2012, his channel didn’t blow up overnight. Six months passed and Mark had only reached 10,000 subscribers.

Many YouTubers are complacent with this number and at the time, Mark was too. However, his channel continued to grow into a fanbase of over 27 million subscribers as of October 2020.

Attributes for Success

An obvious and quick answer to his success would be that he started on YouTube when the market was unsaturated. However, this simplifies the mass fame that Mark has achieved, so let’s dig deeper.

His Creativity

One of the main attributes to any successful artist is creativity, a trait that Mark Fischbach doesn’t lack. His channel started solely with Let’s Play video gaming commentary videos. He made several series of himself playing indie and mainstream games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia, and Dead Space. Videos like this were not creatively unique in themselves.

The YouTube gaming community hadn’t blown up to the level it’s at today, but the market was starting to bloom. Mark’s focus on survival and horror-based games made him stand out from the crowd. He almost exclusively focused on these gaming categories at the beginning of his channel, and they made him come across as unique to subscribers.

As he continues with YouTube, he’s taken more creative risks with his videos. While still making gaming videos, he’s also taken to creating lifestyle and challenge style videos.

He even created an entire YouTube channel with his friend Ethan that is to be completely deleted by November 15, 2020. This premise in itself racked up the subscriber count, as many fans didn’t want to miss out on a piece of YouTube history that will evaporate from the digital realm in a year. The subscribers then stuck around for the creative experiments, competitions, and challenges that the two did together on the Unus Annus channel.

This expansion from his regular gaming content not only satisfied his loyal subscribers that wanted to see a different side of Mark, but also brought in a wider new audience of subscribers with likes outside of the YouTube gaming space.

Authentic Personality

His creative video ideas lured in his fans but his personality helped them stay. His online persona was authentic and real due in part to his choice of game genre. He started with horror and survival games, allowing for genuine reactions.

The shock and fear he experienced while playing wasn’t forced because both the audience and Mark himself didn’t know what would pop up on the screen next. This authenticity made his videos engaging and relaxing to watch, like a friend gaming with you.

Altruistic Actions

Beyond his truthful character, Mark is also a philanthropist. He often holds Livestreams and the money he makes from these virtual events go to different charities. He also consistently hypes up the creativity within his fanbase by showing off different fan art and giving shoutouts to the artists.

Many YouTubers get lost in the fame and consumed by the greed for more. However, Mark says, “I get paid way more than I deserve and frankly, I’d probably do it for free” in reference to his channel. Mark’s caring nature makes the Markiplier channel a safe, unproblematic space that anyone feels welcome in.

His Voice

When discussing Mark’s greatest traits, we can’t overlook the extra selling point of his channel: his voice. One of your first thoughts when watching a Markiplier video is sure to be about his deep entrancing voice. His voice is so popular that vocal coaches have dedicating videos to the topic of how to make your voice sound like Mark.

His voice didn’t always sound like this. If you watch a video from as recent as a few years ago in comparison with a video from today, you’ll find that his pitch and tone has drastically improved throughout the years. This improvement was no accident. Mark had to know that his voice was a selling part of his channel, so he worked on perfecting it accordingly.

With a gaming channel, voice is important. The audience is watching the game, but listening to you. Mark’s voice was an added bonus to his already creative and well thoughtout content.


Mark’s YouTube channel has lead him to a level of success he never dreamt of. Yes, he started his channel at the right time, but Markiplier’s creativity, personality, and voice brought him the fame he has today. The Markiplier channel is sure to only keep growing bigger from here.

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