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Why is MrBeast Famous?

Not often do the 44 million subscribers of MrBeast’s YouTube channel go a month without jaw-dropping content uploads. YouTube star Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson started YouTube in 2012 and rose to become one of the top internet personalities over the last decade. Why is MrBeast so famous? Let’s look at how he became such a viral sensation.

Early Days

While MrBeast was still finding his niche, he started with Let’s play gaming videos. The videos featured MrBeast’s personality as he gave commentary and played popular titles like Minecraft. MrBeast consistently uploaded videos every week, and experimented with content focusing on the net worth of other YouTube stars. His early videos weren’t viral but they gave him a nice base with tens of thousands of subscribers.

First Viral Hit and Challenge Videos

After years of experimenting, MrBeast went viral when he counted to 100,000 in a single 24 hour video uploaded in January of 2017. To this date, the video has over 20 million views. This motivated MrBeast to tackle more ridiculous challenges with long videos. In one video, he reads the entire dictionary. There were no limits to what MrBeast would take on next for a challenge. He trumped his previous video, by counting to 300,000, and even sat underwater for 24 hours in another (67+ million views). The wide catalogue of challenge videos helped MrBeast acquire thousands of new subscribers and millions of views every week.

Philanthropy and Giveaways

If MrBeast was famous for anything however, it would be for being YouTube’s largest philanthropist. MrBeast uses money from brand deals and sometimes his own income to give away tremendous amounts of money to pretty much whoever he feels like. In one of his first giveaway videos, MrBeast gave $10,000 to a homeless man. Views continued to pour in to see who MrBeast was going to help next. In one instance, he gave $100,000 to his own mother and called it the proudest day of his life. Many of his giveaways were random, like when he uploaded “Giving $10,000 to Random People and Saying Nothing” (33+ million views).

The popular giveaway series didn’t stop just with cash. MrBeast bought every car in a dealership and opened a dealership of his own. All of the cars in his dealership were free (67+ million views). MrBeast knows how to stay creative and do things people have never seen before. He rapidly gained subscribers who wanted to see the reactions of the people MrBeast helped. In December 2019, MrBeast bought a house, ordered a pizza, and tipped the delivery person with the new home (55+ million views). The delivery person, Joey, said at the end of the interview, “Thank you MrBeast for answering all of our prayers”.


MrBeast is famous for uploading shocking content combined with philanthropy and challenges. Early on, he experimented with gaming videos but eventually found what he likes doing the most – giving. MrBeast became famous following his passion of making the world a better place. He has continuously reinvested his money from brand deals by giving it away. In return, MrBeast has become one of the most popular YouTube channels on the platform.

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