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How is MrBeast so Rich?

Jimmy Donaldson also known as “MrBeast” is a YouTube sensation known for giving away millions of dollars. He also uploads random stunts, adventures, and challenges with lots of success, and has acquired over 40 million YouTube subscribers in the process.

The generous 22 year old star first went viral after counting to 100,000 in January 2017. Shortly after, he uploaded videos of himself giving the homeless money, tipping delivery drivers thousands of dollars, and donating to twitch streamers. Giving away absurd amounts of money has left his viewers with the burning question: how is MrBeast so rich?

Brand Deals

MrBeast took advantage of his viral videos by acquiring brand deals. MrBeast explained how he was able to give away $1,000,000 in one of his own videos. Quid sponsored MrBeast at first, giving him thousands of dollars to give away. The money giveaway videos continued to go viral and Mrbeast acquired more brand deals as he grew.

MrBeast genuinely liked giving money away, seeing their reactions and helping them. Everytime MrBeast would up the ante of a new giveaway video, his views would increase and his channel grew rapidly. It’s a cycle that actually makes his channel bigger every time he pulls a new charity stunt.


While it’s unclear how much revenue MrBeast gets from just ads alone on YouTube, it’s safe to say it’s a considerable income. The most viral video MrBeast has, I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard accumulated 97 million views to date. Furthermore, he has more than 100 videos with over 30 million views each.

Combining all of his videos together eclipses over 5 billion total views as of May 2020. The costly production of each video still proves to be a good investment for a top growing channel with a staggering amount of views.


Like brand deals and ad revenue, merchandise is another lucrative stream of income for YouTube stars. MrBeast sells merchandise on his official e-commerce website for both his main channel and secondary channel MrBeast Gaming. He sells dozens of products like T-shirts, hats, backpacks, and socks.

Speaking hypothetically, if just 1% of his 43 million subscribers bought a $28 tee, that would equate to roughly $12 million in revenue. Not to mention, the 43 million subscribers is based off his main channel, not including his other four YouTube channels.


MrBeast has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The YouTube star is known as one of the most generous and top philanthropists on the internet. It seems that his giveaway videos are only getting larger and more ridiculous over time. It’s a win-win situation for MrBeast and the people he gives money to.

So why is MrBeast so rich? It’s just a never ending cycle of giving away money but getting more profit in return from brand deals, ads, and merchandise.

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