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Why is PewDiePie on the Floor?

“Floor Gang! Floor Gang! Sitting on the floor recording videos for millions of viewers gang!”

Famous YouTube star PewDiePie spent over two consecutive months of 2020 sitting on the floor to record his videos. Acknowledging the lack of his usual setup, he creates what his fanbase knows as “Floor Gang”. 

Not only did his joke spark the viral spread of numerous memes, but it also brought many to naturally wonder why PewDiePie was sitting on the floor in the first place. 

Why is PewDiePie on the Floor?

His audience first witnessed PewDiePie sitting on the floor in a video that he uploaded to YouTube on April 8, 2020. While he sits against a pillow, with his back to the wall, PewDiePie says, “I may have garden now, but I don’t have table now.” He later moves on to explain that he was awaiting the delivery of a new one – which fans believe was due either to his moving to a new place or his old table breaking. 

The average YouTuber may have found the lack of a table frustrating and searched for an alternative to recording on the floor. However, only PewDiePie would be willing to take to the ground to appease his fans with a video. Needless to say, PewDiePie expected the delivery of the new table on the day of his floor-sitting debut. In the videos following his initial explanation, PewDiePie remains on the floor to carry on the newly found Floor Gang obligation.

Floor Gang vs. Ceiling Gang

PewDiePie’s video has a current viewing of over 6 million and has since been recognized as the origin of Floor Gang. After the concept was born, PewDiePie set the stage for what came next. In a video posted only two days later, he says, “That’s right, we’re still out here, Floor Gang. Imagine being Ceiling Gang. Cringe?” His statement ultimately opened the door for subscribers to flood the internet with a war of memes.

The days and weeks following the gang establishments, fans of PewDiePie particularly took to Reddit to create Floor Gang vs. Ceiling Gang communities – each one taunting the other in claims of being superior. Not only did fans take the joke and run with it, but PewDiePie even began selling Floor Gang merchandise on his store website

Despite the long-standing fad, all good things must come to an end. It wasn’t until June 14, 2020, that PewDiePie announced what would be the end of Floor Gang. He opens the vlog by saying, “I’m going back to my old setup with a comfortable chair, no more Floor Gang. This is so sad.” In his following video, PewDiePie is recording behind a table once again. 


Although PewDiePie sat on the floor for over two months to record his videos, the original reason he was compelled to sit on the floor was due to the lack of a table. The absence of a desk setup might be seemingly frustrating, but PewDiePie unsurprisingly created what is now a widely spread joke among his audience members. He may have eventually brought the table back to his videos, but PewDiePie’s loyal fans will always remember the legendary Floor Gang.

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