Why Is VanossGaming So Popular?

In the new era of entertainment, it is almost impossible to pinpoint exactly how someone reaches the heights of online stardom.

Yet, in the case of Evan Fong, better known as VanossGaming, the tale is much simpler than it might seem at first glance.

Combine an infectious charm with a multifaceted list of talents, as well as a natural presence on the screen, and it is not difficult to see why VanossGaming is one of the biggest personalities on YouTube and beyond.

The Beginnings of an Online Career

When Fong has commented on his success, he has explained his success in a humble and circumspect way. Attributing his popularity online to the relative dearth in media for video games, Fong says that VanossGaming meets a naturally occurring demand in a market otherwise bereft of what he offers.

He told the CBC back in 2015,

If you’re really into gaming there’s not really anything on TV. Viewers really like the authentic type of content from regular people just playing games because they can relate to that. And I think that’s a huge reason why people prefer to watch YouTube videos. It really is a totally different experience and it’s something you can’t find on TV.

Evan Fong

An Alluring Personality

Though, if you ask any of his fans, the personality attached to VanossGaming has as much or more to do with his success.

He is incredibly funny, relatable, and puts a ton of work into his videos, fans say. They also relate to his life story – especially how he made hard choices to pursue streaming despite doubts.

And at 25 million subscribers, Fong must be doing something right. The evidence shows in his videos, too.

Not only does he put on a compelling show and offer up an interesting personality, but also his videos are well-produced, slick productions that are timely. They touch upon current trends in the world of gaming. It is this production value that is often cited in Reddit message boards and beyond for being part of the reason for Vanoss’ popularity.

Beyond that, though, Fong shows his fans that he really cares about them and is great at expanding and taking care of the community he has built around himself.

Outstanding Production Values

Fans can tell that his videos are crafted with love and care. Comparing this with other YouTube videos lacking the same quality and it isn’t hard to see why Vanoss has such a following.

Fong is also a well-rounded personality with more talents than just gaming. Prior to becoming a YouTuber, he was in college and even pursued a scholarship in the United States to play hockey. He also has released music singles and albums as well as worked with others in the industry.

It is this artistic quality that seems to carry over to his videos and wins him fans among gamers. They that appreciate a guy that is, for lack of a better description, the total package in games streaming.


Even with being at just the start of his career, VanossGaming’s Evan Fong is already a pioneer in many ways.

A self-made star in every sense of the word, Fong continues to demonstrate the leveling effect the Internet has had on the production and distribution of digital media.

Evan Fong’s alluring personality and high-quality productions have brought about a mass and devoted following.

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