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Why Does Joe Rogan Eat Elk?

Joe Rogan has been advocating a steady diet of elk and jalapenos for half a decade now. The ‘field-to-plate’ mentality of a hunter can be a point of contention in a highly sanitized modern society.

Joe Rogan’s prey of choice is the elk. Found in North America and the mountainous regions of Central Asia, elk are the largest subspecies of red deer in the world.

Of all the animals available for human consumption, why does Joe Rogan consider the elk to be the best?


Perhaps the number one reason Joe Rogan began to hunt and eat wild elk is that he believes hunting to be ethical. When living out in the rural areas of California, just outside of Los Angeles, Rogan had plentiful supply of wild game, with elk at the top of his list. He said,

The best thing about hunting to me is the rejection of store-bought, factory-farmed

Hunting brings Joe closer to the process of killing for food, and he has achieved his goal of having his home completely out of the factory farming system. ‘Eat what you kill’ is a mantra that Joe Rogan lives by, and regularly speaks out against inhumane treatment of animals through the meat processing industry.


Joe Rogan is something of a fitness aficionado. With regular mixed martial arts workouts and weight training sessions, Joe eats to perform. Elk is packed with essential nutrients and compares favorably against other sources of protein.

A loin cut of elk is lower in fat than beef, pork, lamb and even chicken breast, enabling Joe to get his daily fat intake from other nutritious sources, such as olives. Due to the low level of cholesterol, and the ratio of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, it is claimed that Elk has all the best attributes of red meat without the health risks.

A practitioner of a high protein, low carbohydrate diet — often flirting with ketosis — it is important that Joe Rogan’s protein sources are as nutritious as possible. Elk has high levels of phosphorus and iron amongst other minerals and provides the perfect fuel to drive his lifestyle.


Finally, Joe Rogan simply likes the taste of elk. In an Instagram post from 2016, Joe said;

If I had one food I had to choose for the rest of my meals for the rest of my life it would be wild elk. Medium rare, with some vegetables to balance it out.

He often posts his cooking tips on social media for his 11 million Instagram followers. Cooking elk also features heavily in his podcast. In episode #1237, Joe Rogan goes into detail on the intricacies of cooking elk using basic methods to bring out the full natural flavor of the meat.

Clearly, Joe Rogan is not the only person who has developed a taste for elk in the last ten years, as demand for elk has increased hugely across the United States. According to Brenda Hartkopf, executive secretary of the Minnesota Elk Breeder’s Association; “Our members are getting more calls for meat than they can fill. We just don’t have enough meat around”.

Joe Rogan appears to be part of a wider national trend that is waking up to the benefits of game meat.


With a worldwide audience, Joe Rogan has become a strong advocate for elk as a food source. The elk is a perfect fit for his energetic lifestyle. As a hunter, Joe Rogan can disassociate from the inhumane factory farming systems. As a practitioner of a high meat diet, the elk is more nutritious and has less health risks than some other meat choices.

The elk satisfies the taste buds just as much as it satisfies the conscience. It’s fair to say that Joe Rogan won’t be chopping the wild elk from his diet anytime soon.

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