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Why Does Joe Rogan Have Navy Seals?

Let’s say that you’ve recently inked a massive money deal with a major media company. And, you are infamous around the world for saying pretty much whatever you think. Of course there are true believers on political extremes who wish they could shut you up. Would you hire security?

Of course you would. So would Joe Rogan. He pretty much admits he has former Seals as security in his discussion with Mark Normand. But why Seals?

Rogan’s a Bigshot Now

Media and pop culture icons who sign $100M deals and live in $18M mansions will attract a lot of attention – and not all of it from mentally stable fans. Fame comes at a price. And, by the nature of what Rogan does, he’s going to mess with people’s emotions a bit. So, he needs security around him.

The jury is still out on the details, but it’s pretty common for a celebrity like Rogan to spend between $1M – 3M a year to have full time security at their homes (Rogan currently has three) and when they travel. But why Seals?

Rogan’s Listener Demographics

Joe’s primary audience is dominated by youngish men making $50K – $100K per year. And he has the #3 podcast on iTunes as of August 2020. So his message gets out to a LOT of listeners. Rogan’s views do not follow talking points on either side of the country’s glaring political divide, so he has plenty of opportunities to make enemies who will be worried about his reach and influence.

Those enemies would likely be young men because they make up 70% of his audience. Guess which demographic poses the most significant threat of violence against famous people?

Dangerously Hard to Pin Down

Rogan is too much of a free thinker and free speaker for many powerful influencers on both edges of American politics. Rogan’s podcast claims 190 million monthly downloads. For perspective, CNN’s best daily average viewership in the past 15 years is 1.4 million. That’s less than 45 million “downloads” a month.

Rogan’s reach is broad. And, since he’s hard to control or even predict, he’s a force. Forces become targets. Targets need protection. But why Seals?

Rogan Likes Tough Guys

Joe is an old school masculine dude. He likes hunting, fighting and bawdy comedy. Joe seems to like elite, hard-working, hard-nosed people. It fits his style — he’s a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an MMA commentator.

Tough guys are his posse. He has had lots of Seals on his program as guests, and you can tell they speak his language. High profile former Seals like Jocko Willink and David Goggins probably provide Joe access to not-so-famous former Seals who would like to get their foot in the door.

Joe helps them; they help Joe.

Are There Tougher Guys Than Seals?

If you want protection, you want cool-headed, cold-blooded professionals who are fun to be around but know how to do the mission. Is there a better pool of applicants than Navy Seals?

First, Seals are insanely well-trained from the start. The screening and training just to pin the trident on is brutal.

Then, they specialize in useful skills like surveillance, close quarter combat, and high-profile security. They spend their careers learning to handle pressure, pay attention to small details, and put the mission first.


As an opinionated, famous comedian, it’s assumed that Joe Rogan keeps his Navy Seal friends around as protection from any potential threats. If I were Rogan, I would want the best security I could buy. If I also knew some high-profile former Seals, I’d see if they had some buddies I could trust to deter the crazy people out there.

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  • Jeff is a retired USAF officer from Louisiana with two Masters Degrees, a teaching credential, and lots of jobs and interests. He owns a couple of education-related businesses and is an active school teacher and professional coach.

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