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Why Does Joe Rogan Use Headphones?

“3, 2, 1…Boom, and we’re live!” is just about as iconic as the spinning logo and Joe Rogan’s massive headphones.

You could even say that seeing the headphones is part of the The Joe Rogan Experience, and without them, the show wouldn’t seem the same.

In fact, it often appears that Rogan is never without his headphones when speaking with guests, and he ensures that everyone in the studio is wearing headphones as well. One may wonder why he is always wearing headphones.

Why Do Podcasters Use Headphones?

Time for a little history lesson. Back in the day when radio broadcasting was just kicking off, headphones were an essential part of the whole broadcasting sequence. The broadcaster would don a pair of headphones to be able to hear other sources, such as recordings, a news anchor, and other feeds coming through while the microphone was live.

Obviously, you could not have other people talking to the broadcaster while they were doing their show, because it would travel over the airwaves to the listeners or cause feedback.

Plus, headphones allow the speaker to hear what is being sent to the listeners. Sometimes, this includes their own voice. Podcasters like Joe Rogan are merely using the same technique and equipment to achieve better quality listening.

Other Reasons Joe Rogan Uses Headphones

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits to using headphones. A lot of fans wonder why headphones are necessary if the microphones are there to pick up everyone’s voices. The headphones, however, allow Rogan to hear what the listeners are hearing, which is why when someone is too far from the mic, you get Rogan asking them to come closer.

Another reason for headphones is to stop people from talking over one another. Joe Rogan has even mentioned that he likes using headphones because everyone has to listen to one another and how they sound, so it makes interviews and discussions go much smoother.

Other reasons headphones are used by podcasters like Rogan include:

  • Allows speaker to hear how their voice is heard by others, since you’re hearing your voice without bone conduction
  • Excludes external sounds, allowing speaker to concentrate
  • If there is a technician or producer, they can communicate or cue the speaker. Rogan’s current producer and senior audio engineer, Young Jamie, often remains in the background, but Rogan sometimes says, “Jamie, pull that up.”
  • Headphones help people moderate their speaking speed, volume, pitch, and timbre
  • Headphones make extraneous noises and pauses more noticeable to the speaker, so they can figure out how to amend that, resulting in less distractions (making for a better listening experience)

Why Headphones and Not Earbuds?

Joe Rogan and the people he interviews on his podcasts are always sporting a pair of Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones, which are rather large and cushioned. Why doesn’t Rogan and the rest of the team get with modern times and use slimmer earbuds? Turns out, there is a reason for that, too.

In-ear headphones actually have terrible sound quality. The overall lack of quality cannot compare to the closed-back headphones that Rogan wears. Plus, the small drivers in earbuds prevent accurate representation of listening frequencies, so the sound that a podcaster is monitoring would be distorted.

The same applies to Bluetooth or wireless headphones, which could have interference. Some are even heavier than cable-powered headphones like the ones Rogan chooses.


The Joe Rogan Experience wouldn’t be the same if Rogan didn’t use those headphones. After all, you wouldn’t want to listen if you heard mumbling voices, feedback, and other noises while the podcast was going on.

That is why Joe Rogan uses headphones during a recording, because he’s a professional podcaster concerned about sound quality and his fans’ listening experience.

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