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Why Does MrBeast Promote PewDiePie?

YouTube mega-stars PewDiePie and MrBeast are known for their authentic personalities and enormous popularity among online personalities. To this date, PewDiePie and MrBeast have a subscriber count of 107 million and 43 million respectively. Both YouTubers dominate the platform, with PewDiePie being the first to crack 100 million subscribers ever. One thing MrBeast is known for, is being a hardcore PewDiePie supporter. On several occasions, MrBeast dedicated videos where he donated money to PewDiePie and vocally supported him. People are always left wondering why MrBeast promotes PewDiePie all the time.

MrBeast is a Huge Fan of PewDiePie

Ever since MrBeast started his YouTube channel he has always been a fan of PewDiePie. Some of MrBeast’s earliest videos show how much inspired he was by the “YouTube King”. He’s even made several videos discussing how much money PewDiePie makes through YouTube. Although he didn’t go viral until 2017, MrBeast was uploading videos consistently dating back to 2012 when he launched his channel. Around the same time, PewDiePie announced that he already reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube. From a fan to a friend, PewDiePie included MrBeast in the title of several videos like “Mr Beast hosts Meme Review? (he maybe does)” and “Mr Beasts plants 20’000’000 TREES”. It’s evident MrBeast always wanted to make a full time living as a YouTube creator just like his idol PewDiePie. The two enjoy a relationship of back and forth banter.

MrBeast Loves Giving Money Away

MrBeast made it clear that he thinks PewDiePie is a good guy and he admires his charity work right before donating $10,000 to him. Not to mention, MrBeast focused his entire channel around philanthropy, while frequently creating absurd giveaways. MrBeast has given away millions of dollars in a wide selection of sensational videos combining for billions of views. With such a passion for helping others, MrBeast had no problem shelling his money away to another major philanthropist.

T-Series Vs PewDiePie

After having the most subscribers on YouTube from 2013 to 2019, PewDiePie’s top position was threatened by Bollywood music channel T-Series. T-Series was owned by a corporate label in India and quickly narrowed the subscriber gap on PewDiePie throughout 2019. PewDiePie’s fanbase launched an entire campaign to protect his throne, with MrBeast leading the charge. MrBeast went to great lengths that include advertising PewDiePie at the superbowl and buying every billboard in his city. PewDiePie responded to MrBeast in a video asking for support saying, “God bless you MrBeast”.

While not clearly stating why he supported PewDiePie so much, MrBeast wanted him to beat a corporate company on YouTube. The two creators similarly started as independent creators with authentic content and personalities. Beating corporate, meant that YouTube’s most popular channel belongs to a dedicated YouTube personality. MrBeast knew he had major influence with his subscriber base and resources to back PewDiePie. T-Series however, still surpassed PewDiePie in 2020 as the most popular channel.


MrBeast has always shown support for PewDiePie since the early days of his YouTube channel. He’s very vocal about supporting others and has found his own success in making videos of giving to others. Spending ridiculous amounts of time and money dedicated towards PewDiePie is part of MrBeast’s reputation. Besides the fact that MrBeast created a hit channel off of philanthropy, he just genuinely likes to help other people.

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