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Why Does PewDiePie Have An American Accent?

Felix Kjellberg also known as “PewDiePie” is a Swedish based Youtube star known for his gaming commentary and comedy videos. His global fanbase often wonders how PewDiePie speaks with an American accent even though his native language is Swedish. In some of his earliest videos, his Swedish accent is more prominent than it is today. Even after moving out of Sweden and finding success on Youtube, PewDiePie never moved to America. He lives in Brighton, UK with his wife. So, why does PewDie pie have a nearly perfect American accent now?

Swedish People Are Highly Proficient English Speakers

One of the reasons that PewDiePie picked up an American accent is actually because he’s from Sweden. According to The World’s Largest Ranking of Countries and Regions by English Skills, Sweden ranks #2 globally with highly proficient English skills. PewDiePie already had a natural base speaking English since it’s a very common language in his native country.

Many Swedish people also learn English as young children. Sweden adopts American shows, games, music, and movies. With close to 90% of Sweden speaking fluent English, American pop-culture allows Swedish youth to pick up the American accent smoothly.

Exposure to American Culture

PewDiePie’s accent is also strongly American because of the culture he is exposed to. In PewDiePie’s case, his Youtube channel has a tremendous base of American culture. He’s a passionate gamer who plays American games in English. He interacts with American fans and does Q&A videos while even collaborating with American talk show hosts. PewDiePie’s frequent interactions with American culture surely improved his accent.

Two popular series where PewDiePie found viral success were his “Let’s Play” and “Meme Review” videos. Both series are heavily reliant on using his own personality in the videos. “Let’s Play” videos feature PewDiePie’s English commentary while mainly playing English games. In his Meme Review videos, PewDiePie shows memes and captures his live reactions to each one. All his content is based around speaking English. His accent got more Americanized over time.

In one of PewDiePie’s earlier Let’s Play videos from 2012, his Swedish accent is more dominant. With over 4000+ videos uploaded to date, PewDiePie spent a lot of time speaking and editing his own videos. He’s constantly practicing, analyzing, and interacting with the English language. The time PewDiePie spends on Youtube, is certainly a factor in his development of an American accent.


PewDiePie has come a long way from posting gaming videos in Sweden. Because of his fluency in English as well as his regular exposure to American culture, PewDiePie’s Swedish accent transitioned into an American one as he has uploaded more viral content over time. Along with his improved American accent, PewDiePie’s confidence bloomed into one of the top personalities in the history of internet stars.

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