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Will MrBeast Pass PewDewPie?

YouTube stars MrBeast and PewDiePie are staples of popular channels with substantial growth over the last decade. Both creators have thousands of YouTube uploads with a combined 150 million subscribers. While PewDiePie found viral success early in his career, could he sustain his popularity growth in the long run? Meanwhile, MrBeast saw enormous growth in recent years and started YouTube later than PewDiePie, which raises the question: Will MrBeast pass PewDewPie in popularity?

YouTuber Comparison

The best way to measure whether MrBeast will pass PewDewPie, is by looking at recent growth trends between their YouTube channels. All of the statistics, estimates, and projections are pulled from Social Blade for both MrBeast and PewDewPie.

Top Viewed Videos

Looking at a list of the most viewed videos for the two YouTuber’s tells us key information about how strong their channels are trending. PewDewPie’s top ten most viewed videos had on average 36.2 million views. Four out of the top ten videos were uploaded in 2018 or later. Even PewDewPie’s most viewed video (74 million views) was uploaded in 2014. MrBeast on the other hand, more than doubled PewDewPie’s top ten most viewed videos average with 75 million views. What is even more surprising, is that MrBeast had all ten of his most viewed videos uploaded in 2018 or later. MrBeast’s most viewed video was uploaded in late 2018 and has 99 million views to date. The strong recent growth trend shows that MrBeast is gaining staggering amounts of views rapidly while PewDewPie may have peaked years ago.

2020 Annual Statistics

Based on what the two creators produced in the most recent year to date, 2020 data shows us who had the better year overall so far. PewDewPie has 2020 annual estimates of 2.67 billion views while acquiring 12 million subscribers in the process. MrBeast trumped PewDiePie in 2020 acquiring 20 million subscribers and raking in 4.2 billion combined views. Overall, growth trends in 2020 were in favor of MrBeast but he still has a long way to go before passing PewDiePie in subscribers. PewDiePie has a subscriber base of 107 million while MrBeast has a base of 44.5 million subscribers.

Future Projections

Social Blade tracks the current growth pace of YouTuber’s and determines future projections of both subscribers and views on a month to month basis. By April 2023, MrBeast is projected to finally pass PewDewPie in both subscribers and views. The total subscriber count for PewDiePie by April 2023 has a future projection of 144 million while MrBeast has a projection of 173 million. As for views, PewDie has projections of 31.5 billion while MrBeast has 34.4 billion.


If he continues doing what he’s doing, MrBeast has a long road ahead before he passes PewDiePie in subscribers. MrBeast has strong growth trends and according to statistical projections, he should pass PewDiePie by April 2023. MrBeast may have started YouTube sooner than PewDewPie, but he found a content formula for rapid success. With MrBeast’s success over the last few years, he has a fair shot at passing PewDewPie in both subscribers and combined views within the next few years.

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