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Will YouTube Ever Shut Down?

YouTube was started in 2005 and has grown rapidly into a platform used by nearly 2 billion people around the globe. They also have the second largest search engine, with the first being its owner Google. YouTube is the world’s go-to place to create videos, store them, and share with other people. There’s no question that YouTube is a video streaming giant, with no competition that could possibly compete. With a company this large, that brings in billions of clicks and hours logged on a daily basis, one could only wonder if YouTube will ever shut down. The most likely scenario for YouTube shutting down, would be if video creators and viewers left for one of YouTube’s main competitors.Video Platform Competitors

Bringing in over $15 billion in revenue, YouTube stands in a place of their own when it comes to their video platform competitors. The next biggest competitor; Vimeo, generates over $150 million in revenue. Video streaming companies rely on both advertising and paid subscription services in order to make profit. Even YouTube’s premium service subscription (which is optional) has over 20 million subscribers. This easily dominates Vimeo’s subscription numbers of just over 1 million subscribers. The rest of the competitors such as Twitch, SproutVideo, and Dailymotion still combine for less than $1 billion in revenue. For dedicated video platforms on the internet it isn’t even close.

Social Media Competitors

Social media is constantly evolving over time. Platforms such as Facebook, feature around 2.7 billion active users. Not to mention, the rapidly growing platform TikTok, surpassed 1 billion active users in just a few years. Facebook has been making a shift to video along with the picture based platform Instagram (owned by Facebook) for quite some time. Both Facebook and Instagram allow users to quickly upload and share engaging video content.

So could these high performing social media platforms thrive enough to take down YouTube for good? It’s not exactly that simple of a question. Social media platforms even with video streaming features, have their own lane to take. Each video streaming platform has a different purpose in terms of what people are looking for.

Video Content Creators

Content creators benefit the most from using as many video platforms as possible. For an example, creators could use YouTube to create a full, in-depth guide video that is 35 minutes long and has plenty of resourceful links in the description. The creator could then go to TikTok which allows videos no longer than 60 seconds, to create a quick and catchy video and tap into a new organic audience. The same creator could go to Facebook, and create content promoting a new YouTube video, with the ability to target an age and location based audience. Content creators typically have the goal of reaching as many people as possible. Each platform competes for billions of views, but they each serve their own purpose for what people are looking for. It’s unlikely that a video creator simply leaves YouTube for another platform, because there are benefits to posting everywhere that they can.

The Bottom Line

Will YouTube ever shut down? If so, it’s definitely not going to happen anytime soon. YouTube crushes other platforms dedicated to video streaming. Social media competitors do clash with YouTube over views, but most of the viewers use several platforms anyway. YouTube is rooted deep in the internet because it’s the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. Every time somebody searches on Google, there is a good chance a YouTube video shows up right away for a result. It’s a tremendously large resource for the internet around the world and continues to move forward.

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