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5 Truly Excellent Sport Commentators on YouTube

YouTube’s music and gaming sections get a ton of attention, but there’s more to it than that. YouTube provides sport commentators the chance to highlight their craft and bring unique perspectives straight to the fans. 

When you’re looking for more diversified content that gives you all the information you need to know to stay informed, sport commentators on YouTube take you closer than ever to the action. 

Coach Daniel Daniel Calcatera

Best Basketball Sport Commentator

Coach Daniel is living proof that some YouTube commentators know what they’re talking about. He breaks everything down from the perspective of an experienced coach. His channel is very technical; however, he breaks all the X’s and O’s down, so it is easy for even the casual fan to understand. Coach Daniel breaks down highlights and blunders throughout the season, giving you a greater understanding of what’s going on during every play.

  • Location : USA
  • Videos : 289
  • Subscribers : 191,000

Brett Kollmann Brett Kollman

Best NFL Sport Commentator

It is the most popular sport in the country for a reason. And when you’re looking for up to date analysis on breaking stories and their impacts around the league, Brett Kollmann is the way to go. 

Not only does he keep up to date with all the most important developments, but he also provides rankings, fantasy stats and strategies, inside stories, highlights, and so much more! 

  • Location : Los Angeles, CA
  • Videos : 227
  • Subscribers : 255,000

Antonelli Baseball Matt Antonelli

Best MLB Sport Commentator

Who better to break down the game than a former pro ballplayer? Antonelli breaks down the game behind the game, highlighting proper techniques and drills to improve your game. But if you’re just looking for MLB stories and highlights, Antonelli Baseball does a phenomenal job with that too, compiling and ranking the top plays from around the league. 

  • Location : Massachusets, USA
  • Videos : 1,990
  • Subscribers : 155,000

SteveDangle – Steve Dangle

Best Hockey Sport Commentator

What sets the best YouTube sport’s commentators apart from the pack is their ability to bring both passion and a unique perspective to their work. Steve Dangle hit’s both nails right on the head. He’s a lifelong Toronto Maple Leaf’s fan, and he breaks down the action in ways that no one else can. His love of the game bleeds through his broadcasts. He provides a few videos a month, and everyone is worth watching.

  • Location : Canada
  • Videos : 1,801
  • Subscribers : 133,000

Bleacher ReportWarnerMedia

Best for a Mix of Sports

Maybe you don’t want all one sport all the time. Bleacher Report is a great way to get a mix of every major sport played around the world. They have tons of highlights, breakdowns, rankings, and opinion pieces. 

If you’re looking for a bit of entertainment centered around spots without thinking too hard, they have options for that also. Their most popular show is “Game of Zones,” but they have tons of offerings for you to check out.

  • Location : San Francisco, CA
  • Videos : 4,091
  • Subscribers : 1,980,000

The Final Verdict

If you’re relying on cable tv to break down all the highlights and top plays from around sports, chances are you’re missing some of the best content around. Whether you’re looking to master your craft at the sport, or you’re just looking for a little more entertainment and backstories, YouTube has just the channel you’ve been looking for.

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