Best YouTubers for Beginner Makeup

In 2017, there were 88 billion beauty-related video views on YouTube. If you are just a beginner in learning about makeup, which YouTubers can you rely on for helpful lessons?

Instead of sifting through the beauty tag of YouTube, here are the best YouTubers for beginner makeup!

Kathleen Lights – Kathleen Fuentes

The best advice I can give on starting off as a beginner is by following the most important beauty creators first. You are probably asking yourself, what should I buy first? The Kathleen Lights channel is perfect to subscribe to because of her Monthly Favorites series. In this series, Fuentes outlines what beauty products YouTubers and celebrities are in love with at this point in time.

● Location: Florida, United States
● Videos: 1,079
● Subscribers: 4,170,000

Michelle Phan – Michelle Phan

Who do you turn to for tricks and tips for beauty? YouTuber Michelle Phan is a great person to subscribe to because of her videos that cover beauty trends and tips. Her videos span back seven years and she first became popular for her celebrity look-alike videos. Now, she creates beauty videos by focusing on certain features of the face. For example, she has videos that go over different eyebrow shapes and ways to plump your lips.

● Location: California, United States
● Videos: 256
● Subscribers: 8,880,000

Jackie Aina – Jackie Aina

It’s important to trust the opinion of someone who understands the world of beauty. Jackie Aina is an amazing YouTuber who has built her channel on creating honest product reviews and tutorials for her viewers. For example, has your makeup been smudging under your mask lately? Luckily, Aina has the perfect tutorial on how to prevent that.

Interested in Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty brand? Aina offers her thoughts and opinions in this recently new video.

● Location: California, United States
● Videos: 913
● Subscribers: 3,550,000

Haley Kim – Haley Kim

Dewy skin, subtle eyeliner, and light blush.

If you are a beginner and these essential beauty elements are more your style, Haley Kim is the perfect YouTuber for that! Her channel is reserved for those who don’t want to use dramatic eyeshadow and bold lipstick in their everyday look. Personally, I hate the thick consistency of foundation on my skin. If you feel the same way, Kim published a video on how to create a “no foundation” routine for all those who prefer the natural look.

● Location: UK
● Videos: 110
● Subscribers: 561,000

Nyma Tang – Nyma Tang

If you’re looking for a YouTuber who focuses solely on darker skin complexions, Tang is a talented YouTuber who covers this. Beginners who are darker-toned should follow Tang because she creates videos for people of color. Her series, “The Darkest Shade,” tests the darkest foundations and shades from various makeup brands. Many beginners already feel discouraged by the lack of representation by the beauty industry. But Tang wants to challenge this standard by promoting her videos for darker representation.

● Location: Texas, United States
● Videos: 240
● Subscribers: 1,310,00


Despite YouTube’s overwhelming number of beauty YouTubers, there is a perfect person to follow for any kind of girl. We’ve looked at 5 fantastic YouTubers for those just getting started in makeup.

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