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6 Fantastic YouTubers From Detroit

From Aretha Franklin to Eminem, the beautiful, cultural center of Detroit has pushed dozens of people into the limelight. But the “Motown City” hasn’t stopped there. Every day, YouTubers from this city are amassing popularity and fans, giving pride to fellow Detroit natives.

If you’re ever searching for new content to add to your subscription feed, here are six Detroit-based YouTubers that you should check out.

Queen Naija

Queen Naija started her YouTube career after she was a contestant on the thirteenth season of American Idol. After auditioning two times in the past, Queen finally passed into the Hollywood round. Unfortunately, she was cut when they choose the top 30 singers to advance.

After leaving the show, Queen began her own channel in 2017 to showcase her singing talents. Queen later became a YouTube music sensation after uploading her most popular video, which was a music video for her debut song called “Medicine.”

She currently uploads music videos and behind-the-scenes looks of her career as a singer. She also gives fans a glimpse into her life through vlogs about her family and friends.

  • Subscribers: 4,740,000
  • Videos: 239

Vehicle Virgins – Parker Nirenstein

Vehicle Virgins is a popular channel due to its car reviews that focused on luxury cars and supercars. The founder of the channel, Parker Nirenstein, started off as a car review writer in 2011. He decided to make the jump to YouTube, garnering thousands of views in a short amount of time.

Interestingly, his most popular video isn’t a car review. Instead, it revolves around him picking up Uber passengers in a Lamborghini. Parker fills his videos with detailed information in addition to quality editing. He states that Vehicle Virgin’s mission is to educate potential buyers on the right car for them.

  • Subscribers: 2,210,000
  • Videos: 1,458

CoryxKenshin – Cory Williams

Cory Williams started on YouTube as a vlogger in 2009. After a short break from the platform, Cory returned. Although this time, he decided to turn his channel in a different direction.

Cory started uploading gaming videos and grew his audience significantly through his various gaming content.

His comedic personality and lively demeanor are showcased in his most popular video of him attempting the “Try Not to Laugh Challenge.” Cory’s fun content makes his fans excited every time he uploads a new video.

  • Subscribers: 7,450,000
  • Videos: 1,520

DetroitBORG – Michael Kukielka

DetroitBORG is a popular tech channel that was created by Michael Kukielka, a tech guru from Detroit. His videos focus on reviews from gadgets to accessories.

Michael started his YouTube channel in 2008 and has grown his audience exponentially through his in-depth tech reviews and comparisons. One of his most popular videos is a review of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

  • Subscribers: 1,310,000
  • Videos: 752

Emily Jean Beauty – Emily Jean

Emily Jean is a popular Detroit-based fashion influencer, vlogger, and beauty guru. Her YouTube channel, Emily Jean Beauty, is popular for its beauty content and vlogs of her daily influencer life.

Emily started her beauty career in 2016 and eventually made her way to YouTube later that same year. Her skills are shown in her most popular video, a makeup tutorial known as a “no-makeup look.”

Emily’s creative and informative makeup content along with her clothing line, EJB Merch, is slowly making her known as a beauty vlogger that you should remember.

  • Subscribers: 212,000
  • Videos: 346

Chris Sails

Chris Sails is famous for his YouTube videos and rapping career. Chris started as a Youtuber with his ex-wife, Queen Naija. After the couple parted ways, he continued his channel through “Chris Sails” in 2016.

His content revolves around his vlogs about family and his music career. His most popular video is an official music video called “Me and You.” Chris’s videos show his family challenges, fun pranks, and charitable content that will keep you entertained and inspired.

  • Subscribers: 3,050,000
  • Videogames: 171


The city of Detroit has a lot to offer with art, music, and culture. And just like how the Motor City is finding its footing and rising in popularity, so are its YouTubers. From Queen Naija to Chris Sails, there is a variety of unique and entertaining content from Detroiters.

If you’re into anything from music and beauty to tech and political commentary, any of these creators will be a great addition to your subscriber feed. And after getting to know their channels, one lesson that these Detroit natives prove is that if you give out fun and engaging content, love and support will always follow.

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