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7 Fantastic YouTubers From Georgia

The State of Georgia has a lot to offer. Their unique southern cuisine, natural marvels, and hospitality are just some aspects that make the state different from the many others.

Georgia also has a variety of amazing YouTubers too. These creators can be found throughout the video streaming platform, bringing attention to their beautiful southern state.

If you ever want content that will keep you entertained for hours on end, then here are several YouTubers from Georgia with creative and fun content.

ThatDudeinBlue — David Patterson

David Patterson started his YouTube channel in 2011 when he created his channel, ThatDudeinBlue. His content flaunts vehicle expertise through his reviews, which educates the viewer on a car’s specifications and full potential. David also creates opinion video essays that tackle automotive industry questions.

Due to his high-quality editing, in-depth knowledge of each vehicle, as well as his passionate energy, David has since become the most subscribed car reviewer based in Georgia. His most viewed video isn’t revolved around reviews, however. This popular video shows him traveling all the way to Canada to surprise a former Fast and the Furious actor with a remake of his iconic car used in the movie.

Any car enthusiast will fall in love with David’s channel as well as someone figuring out what should be their next vehicle.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Videos: 200
  • Subscribers: 1,110,000

BatDad and Family — Blake Wilson

Of all the Georgian YouTubers, Blake Wilson and his family may have the most interesting content. Blake, his then-wife Jen, and four children, Ben, Sienna, Kaya, and Taylor, create short comedic videos and regularly uploads them as compilations on their channel. The comedy family first started on the popular platforms, Vine and Facebook, gathering a strong following.

Blake created his channel in 2013, a month after he opened his Vine account. He later stayed with YouTube when Vine shut down soon after.

In his videos, Blake dons a batman mask and interacts with his family in a gruff voice that resembles the iconic Caped Crusader. The skits are set up hilariously, making one wonder what Batman would be like if he were a babysitter instead of a heroic vigilante.

His most popular video is the first one he uploaded to his channel in 2013, simply titled, BatDad. With Blake’s funny roleplaying skills and his family’s snarky attitude and reactions, BatDad is a unique channel that will keep you laughing until the end.

  • Location: Roswell, Georgia
  • Videos: 51
  • Subscribers: 767,000

TheRadBrad — Bradley Colburn

Bradley Colburn is a juggernaut when it comes to gameplay walkthroughs on the YouTube platform. Bradley started his YouTuber career when he uploaded his first video while attending college in 2010. The video was a walkthrough of the popular shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Since then, Bradley gained over 11 million subscribers to date with his gameplays. His popularity soared so much that the magazine FMV called him the “King of the YouTube Walkthroughs” in 2011.

Although there are hundreds of other gameplay walkthroughs on the platform, what makes Bradley stand out from the rest is his skill at the games and his exciting gameplay and commentary. His most popular video is of him playing the last mission of the wildly successful game, Grand Theft Auto Five. Bradley’s channel is perfect for anybody who wants to watch full walkthroughs of their favorite games or are interested in buying one in the future.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Videos: 6,925
  • Subscribers: 11,900,000

Adam Ragusea

Adam Ragusea’s channel is popular for his food recipes and opinion videos. Adam opened his YouTube channel back in 2017. Before then, he took a very different career route in college when he attended The Eastman School of Music, Penn State, for their music composition course.

Adam then took an unexpected career turn when he began uploading recipe videos to YouTube to develop his skills with a camera. His recipe video for New-York style pizza gained his channel quick popularity. It has since become his most viewed video.

Thanks to his fast-paced instructional recipes, witty voiceovers, and educated opinions, Adam has made a lasting YouTube career in sharing delicious foods with the world.

  • Location: Macon, Georgia
  • Videos: 186
  • Subscribers: 1,030,000

ToNYD2WiLD— Tony DeAngelo

Although Tony from ToNYD2WiLD was born in Los Angeles, California, his move to Georgia as a young child has made him more of a Georgian than anything else. Tony started his foot apparel channel in Atlanta in 2011, which includes shoe reviews, unboxings, and the latest apparel news.

Tony’s bright, colorful background and high energy have made him a fashion YouTuber that’s slowly but surely building his fanbase on the platform. His most popular video is a highly entertaining review of a shoe cleaner that involves dressing up as a doctor and rolling the shoes in the mud before trying out the cleaning product.

Tony stands out due to his fun and in-depth reviews that will have any fashion enthusiast happy.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Videos: 1,852
  • Subscribers: 681,000

Do It With Dan — Dan Mangena

In 2013, Dan created his YouTube channel and began uploading videos showing him riding motorcycles. Dan became popular for his content as a moto vlogger, but he soon expanded to car DIYs and reviews.

Along with his creative DIY upgrades for cars, these videos show off his passion for vehicles which have garnered him over a million subscribers to his channel. His most popular video involves a very enthusiastic Dan reacting to a powerful Harley bike. Other motorcycle enthusiasts and anyone interested in seeing what’s under the hood of various cars will appreciate Dan’s love for everything automotive.

  • Location: Southern Georgia
  • Videos: 954
  • Subscribers: 1,270,000

Super Bunnyhop — George Weidman

YouTuber, George Weidman, started his channel in 2012 talking about videogame topics that weren’t touched on in the gaming industry. George makes in-depth and informative videos on the industry as a whole as well as focused reviews for games.

His content is unique due to his take on potentially controversial industry practices. He also creates analytical game reviews that utilize historical, scientific, and philosophical insights.

His most popular video is an analytical review of the first gameplay levels in every Sonic game. Super Bunnyhop will be a perfect channel to subscribe to if you want game reviews and industry opinions with more depth than others.

  • Location: Georgia
  • Videos: 305
  • Subscribers: 443,000


From cars and gaming to shoes and delicious foods, there is no end to the variety of content you can find with these Georgian YouTubers. These creators provide funny and informative videos that cause their viewers to click from one video to the next.

So, the next time you’re browsing the video platform, don’t hesitate to explore these channels out and see which Georgian based creator is the perfect match for you.

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