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YouTubers Like MrBeast

Counting to 200,000. Ubering across America. Watching paint dry. Challenging subscribers to tournaments for thousands of dollars. Millions of viewers watch MrBeast pull stunts like these every day on his YouTube channel.

Since he started his YouTube channel in 2012, MrBeast has become one of the most popular YouTubers with 45.2 million subscribers. He is known for his incredible stunts and giving away millions of dollars to strangers.

If you like Mr Beast, check out these five YouTubers.

Dude Perfect — Cory and Coby Cotton and Friends

A haven for sports fans, Dude Perfect started with a bet on a trick shot. After several more trick shots, and a “you owe me lunch” digs later, Dude Perfect now does trick shots for millions of fans.

Their stunts are just as incredulous as Mr Beast’s. Dude Perfect has caught fish as big as cars, joined in on the water bottle flip trend at epic scale, and showed off their trick bowling shots.

  • Location: Frisco, Texas
  • Videos: 245
  • Subscribers: 53,800,000

Morgz — Morgan Hudson

Morgz is like the British version of MrBeast’s video style of stunts, competitions and giving away money to random strangers. In a recent video, he created the popular video game ‘Among Us’ in real life, with a prize of $2,000 for the winners.

He also attempted to break crazy records like eating the world’s largest pizza slice and playing Fall Guys for 100 hours straight.

  • Location: Sheffield, England
  • Videos: 682
  • Subscribers: 11,400,000

TheEllenShow — Ellen DeGeneres

While Ellen DeGeneres got her start on TV, her popular YouTube Channel shows her giving back to her fans, similar to MrBeast’s channel. For example, she has surprised fans with a brand new car, a backpack stuffed with $25,000, and handing out giant checks.

Ellen is known for her comedy and has branded herself as spreading kindness which she does, like MrBeast, by giving money away to strangers.

  • Location: Montecito, California
  • Videos: 12,242
  • Subscribers: 37,600,000

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — Jimmy Fallon

Similar to Ellen, Jimmy Fallon got his start as a talk show host for the tonight show. However, his popular YouTube Channel qualifies him for this list. Like MrBeast, Jimmy gives away prizes and money to his fans on his channel.

Earlier this year, he surprised six frontline working moms each with $25,000, over Facetime, of course. For Veteran’s Day last year, he gave one unsuspecting (veteran) audience member $50,000. And he has helped out local comedy clubs during the pandemic like Austin’s Hideout Theatre.

  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Videos: 6,163
  • Subscribers: 26,900,000

Tiana — Tiana Wilson

Tiana, a fourteen-year-old girl, has also posted incredible stunts similar to MrBeast’s videos. Her challenge, “Last One to Leave the Slime Pool” echoes MrBeast’s “Last One to Leave the Roof” video. And she’s done a few orbeez challenges. While MrBeast put 100 million orbeez in a backyard, Tiana has put millions in a bathtub and pranked her mom with a sea of orbeez in the bathroom.

Tiana was the youngest girl to pass 10 million subscribers. Besides stunts and challenges, she also posts gaming videos, back to school, and toy reviews.

  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Videos: 854
  • Subscribers: 11,400,000


MrBeast’s videos wow you and remind you of how much of a difference kindness can make in a strangers’ life. There are tons of YouTubes out there making an impact and helping out their fans and family through amazing content and donations. These are just five to get you started.

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