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Fantastic YouTubers on Poshmark

While scrolling YouTube during your lunch break, you come across a video on how to make an extra $1,000 a month by selling on Poshmark. You go check out this website and there are thousands of options, overwhelming you immediately! With over 7 million stylists, how do you know who is credible and reputable? How could you possibly know who to follow or how to be successful?

Want to know how to find steals and deals at your local thrift store? Done. Need a new idea for your next side hustle? Great. These YouTube Vloggers cover everything you need to know about Poshmark for consumers, stylists, and vloggers alike. Here are 5 Poshmark YouTubers that will help you make all the right moves!

The Deals Queen — Alexandra Marquez Young

Known as The Deals Queen, Alexandra has created a vast following on both YouTube and Poshmark. Her YouTube content covers all you need to know about establishing your own personal brand on Poshmark. She has also been featured on Business Insider, Yahoo! And The Hallmark Channel, just to name a few. The Deals Queen will walk you through your Poshmark journey offering useful tips every step of the way!


  • Videos: 41
  • Subscribers: 34,900


  • Listings: 8,342
  • Followers: 947,043

Pinkflamingobtq / The Thrifty Flamingo — Karen Spencer

The Thrifty Flamingo is known in the market as a reselling specialist! With reselling tips for countless selling platforms such as Poshmark, eBay and Amazon, Karen’s resell style covers everything from chic and edgy to casual comfort!


  • Videos: 169
  • Subscribers: 11,500


  • Listings: 5,004
  • Followers: 239,446

posh_penguin / The Thrifty Flamingo — Jason Spencer

You got it! The Thrifty Flamingo is hosted by a married couple – Jay and Karen! Jay focuses specifically on menswear and is often featured with Karen on their YouTube channel talking all things resale.


  • Videos: 169
  • Subscribers: 11,500


  • Listings: 924
  • Followers: 63,873

Empty Hanger — Jenna Naschek

The Empty Hanger is the trendsetter of the group. With categories in Women, Men, Kids, and Home and over 15,000 listings Jenna knows how to sell on Poshmark. Her YouTube channel focuses heavily on thrifting, garage sales, estate sales and more. With countless videos on tips, tricks, and tools for the thrift trade, she continues to take followers on a journey providing invaluable hacks along the way!


  • Videos: 168
  • Subscribers: 72,000


  • Listings: 15,084
  • Followers: 330,118

Solange Mina

Solange Mina knows a thing or two about selling on Poshmark specifically focusing on beauty, personal care, essential oils as well as the casual comfort style. She will walk you through what it takes to be successful quickly without enduring some common traps new Poshmark sellers often fall in to. She answers burning questions most sellers have and provides advice and real-time examples of how to continue building your success!


  • Videos: 75
  • Subscribers: 30,400


  • Listings: 1,636
  • Followers: 95,980


With a collective total of almost 150,000 YouTube subscribers and over 1.6 million Poshmark followers, these sellers can help you become successful. Be sure to follow and subscribe to their channel to continue learning and growing on your Poshmark journey! Happy Selling!

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